This is the ice breaker. We get to know you and what you do and how we can make better your idea or business using software. We will also show case our company profile and past projects.

Conceptualizing the challenge

We use our creativity and problem solving experience to model an initial draft solution to the challenge. For complex projects, we’ll visit your premises to experience your business processes to aid the generation of an accurate proposal.

Proposal presentation

This entails presenting the project brief and solutions to the problem statements. Project scope and phases, timelines and costing will be discussed.


Guided by the project requirements and specifications, we fudge together a minimum viable product. Think of this as the most basic implementation of the end-product.


Through tight feedback loops we gradually build the desired application which can be a basic project or an elaborate system. To protect the business rules, scalability and project maintainability Appframe utilizes test driven development methodology.


With every iteration we will run end to end tests to ensure all modules function as intended.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Laying the application infrastructure at the genesis of the project enables us to move fast and pivot quickly.

Early adopters' release

Enthusiastic target users of the application try out the application and we collect feedback data which is analyzed and incorporated accordingly.

Product launch

With successful early adopter tests the application is launched and monitored closely for 6 months before project closure.